Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Telling Our Family!

This week has been wonderful and not so wonderful, but mostly wonderful! I only say not so wonderful because I have been experiencing the most painful headaches I've ever had. For example, last night I woke up at 2 am with my head throbbing in intolerable pain. Headaches are common in pregnancy, but I've never experienced anything like this.

This past weekend was wonderful because we finally told our families the news! Friday night we Skyped with Chis's family in California, which was great to see their faces. It's been a long time. They were so surprised we are having twins! Then Saturday was my mom's birthday BBQ with my family. I was dying to finally tell her. The best part was how we did it. Here's a video of her reaction!

Below is a picture of what was in the gifts. The first one was with the binky saying we're pregnant, and the second gift had the other binky, the embryo picture before transfer, and our most recent ultrasound picture. 

It's been so enjoyable to finally share our happy news with family. All of this has been a long and difficult road, but being surrounded by so much happiness makes it all worth it. I feel so blessed! 


  1. Omgosh I just had an emotional breakdown watching this video. I was so happy to see the surprise on your moms face and then the sorrow they felt when they found out what you've been through. My mom had the same reaction when she found out we had been doing medical treatments to get pregnant. But that was before ivf. I don't know why this affected me so much, I guess because I know what it's like. So hard to see joy and trials exist in the same place. But I am so thrilled for you Rachel! Also I am sorry about the headaches I hope they are easing up for you now. You deserve all great things, God has much in store for your little family! xo

    1. You are so sweet, Charity! I'm thrilled for you as well. We're gonna be twin mamas! God has worked his miracles. Happy (belated) Mother's day to you!


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