Tuesday, February 11, 2014


What a week last week was! I had a baseline ultrasound on Tuesday. Everything looked good and the birth control worked it's magic, so I was cleared to continue another IUI cycle. I still have that big cyst on the outside of my ovary, but it's not causing any harm. I asked about IVF and how we've been considering trying it. During the appointment I was pretty set on trying one more IUI and then doing IVF if the IUI failed. Well, that night Chris and I talked about it and I went to sleep still thinking that we should try one more IUI. I woke up the next morning with any undeniable impression that we need to do IVF next. I called my doctor and left a message to see what we need to do moving forward. And then that night...wait for it...we flew to Disneyland!

I had been under so much stress with treatments that I broke down one night and planned a very spontaneous, yet fairly inexpensive (thank you Southwest miles!), trip to Disneyland a week and a half later. Chris and I really enjoyed the time off work and getting to spend 4 days with each other having fun. I think it was just what we needed before the crazy storm that's headed our way. By that I mean doing IVF as well as Chris getting knee surgery. We loved walking around Disneyland and seeing kids' reactions. We couldn't stop talking about how we can't wait to take our kids to Disneyland someday. Our time together was definitely enjoyed. It felt like it was kind of our last hurrah until we start a family and things get harder to do.

Here are some of my favorite parts of our trip:

-Stuffing our faces every morning at our free continental breakfast
-Riding Space Mountain again and again
-Learning to draw Disney characters at the Animation Academy
-Riding California Screamin' again and again
-Beating Chris on the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride
-Eating ice cream everyday
-The firework show was awesome! Not only did they have fireworks behind the castle, they also had fireworks shooting from all corners of the park at times to make you feel in the middle of it all
-Exploring Tom Sayer Island, something I'd never done before!
-Riding the little kids rides, especially the Casey Jr. Circus Train
-Being absolutely terrified on Mickey's Fun Wheel...scariest ride there
-Watching a cute little theatre rendition of Tangled. Rapunzel was perfect!

I wish I was back standing in line with my cute husband all day, but back to life we go! 

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