Monday, June 16, 2014

Gender Reveal!

We finally found out what our twins are!

Last Monday I got my ultrasound to check on the babies and hopefully find out the genders. Both babies are doing fantastic, and they cooperated perfectly so my doctor could check the genders. Since we've been planning a little gender reveal party I told her not to tell me and to just write the results down. She was totally into it and made sure I didn't peak. She even wrapped the results around a urination pill coupon so I couldn't see it through the envelope!

During the week I was at girls camp as a leader for the awesome young women from my church. I loved getting to know the girls, but camping when pregnant is NOT FUN. Restless nights, sensitive stomach, my uterus doubling as a gymnasium...I'm still really glad I went though! And then of course the day after I get back I strained my neck and was in pain all day. My neck was literally stuck to the side. Thankfully it's getting much better.

Finally Saturday came and we moved our little picnic party to our apartment since the weather didn't cooperate and most of the people we invited were unable to come. It was an intimate little party with some family and a few friends, but it was perfect. We had 4 little boys bouncing around, some yummy sandwiches, and of course the big reveal!

Please excuse my squealing and high-pitched excitement...I was definitely excited! Check it out:

I was 98% positive Baby A was a boy, but I had no clue about Baby B. I am so overjoyed it's a girl! I was definitely nervous about raising two rambunctious boys, so I was really hoping we'd get one of each. It's also comforting to know that if I wasn't able to get pregnant in the future, that we at least have a boy and girl. We are so EXCITED!
Photo: It's a boy and a girl!!!

P.S. I totally saw our boy punch our little girl in the head during my last ultrasound. And so the sibling fights begin... ;)


  1. One of each! Perfect. Congratulations!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Congratulations! One of each is perfect.

  4. So excited for you congrats friend!

  5. Lol I meant to say poor little baby girl already getting torment by her big brother!

    1. I know! He is SO active. I bet my girl just wants some peace and quiet haha!


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