Thursday, March 20, 2014

1 + 3 = 4

Today Chris and I went to our doctor appointment to see our Itty Bitty Ivie for the first time! The ultrasound probe went in and BAM there's my left ovary. Nothing exciting there. Shift over to my uterus and there they are. Yes, they

We definitely knew it was a good possibility, and my HCG levels were so high, but I would often just dismiss the idea. 


Yes, we are having twins.


They will be fraternal of course, so I am wishing for a boy and a girl. I can dream right? Two boys would be too mischievous and two girls would be too dramatic. A boy and a girl would be perfect. 

I can't even focus at work right now. I keep thinking about everything in twos. And about Italian food. 

My brain at the moment:

Two cribs, two car seats, two swings, where will all this fit? What are the odds of me getting a c-section? Will I be HUGE? Will I ever not be nursing? What are the genders? What will we name them? Them?! I'm having two? TWO. Two babies. Babies! I will become a diaper ninja. What is my family going to say? How will we celebrate their birthdays? Can we afford two? I'm hungry. I want lasagna! And brownies. 
Wait, I'm pregnant? 

As I have demonstrated, I am shocked and still trying to grasp the idea that I am actually (and finally) pregnant. Right now I am 5 weeks and 2 days along. I'll be setting a 7 weeks appointment to see the heartbeats and check on their growth. My doctor said there's about an 80% chance both babies will continue to develop. That's actually higher than I thought, but of course we are keeping catuious hearts since things can still happen in these early stages. We saw both gestational and yolk sacs and they are right at the size they should be. So far everything looks great! 

I am so happy that God is trusting us with not just one, but two of his precious children. As overwhelming as having twins is already, it is such an immense blessing. I'd rather have my hands full than empty.

I don't have an official diagnosis. There's so many different hormones that don't work right in my body that I might not be able to find a solution to fix all my problems. I may or may not have to use assisted reproductive technology for the rest of my pregnancies. That is what makes getting two this pregnancy even more of a blessing. There has been so much to be thankful for all throughout these many months of trying! I can't wait to start our family.

I'm going to have to change the name of my blog! We're not talking singular any more!

And to think, Chris wanted to try and get three embryos in me...

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