Friday, July 21, 2017

Little Ivie #3

It's hard to believe it has been two months since having our baby!  

If you don't already know, much to our surprise I gave birth to a baby GIRL! Even though we didn't find out the gender, we were pretty sure it was going to be a boy. The original name we were considering for a girl just didn't seem to fit her, so it took us awhile to find one that did. After a day of getting to know her, we finally named her Cosette. (No, we didn't name her from Les Mis. We just love the name plus my husband speaks French. He even says her name with a French accent!) We also call her Cosy. 

Other then an extremely painful false alarm trip to the hospital a week prior, her birth was wonderfully uneventful. It was incredible, and just like the twins birth, I wish I could relive the day again and again. It was also nice that I didn't have to give birth in the OR in front of 10+ people again! She came out with brown hair just like Boston did. The first thing my doctor said about her is that she looks just like the twins. She is a perfect combination of them. 

It was so sweet when the twins got to meet her. They were curious about this new place they were in, but even more curious about this new little baby. We gave them each a baby doll to take home and care for. 

My doctor and nurses were the best. After we got home from the hospital I would just cry and cry because I missed them so incredible doctor, nurse Jeanie and nurse Kara to name a few. I missed being in the hospital and getting enormous trays of food. I wanted to do it all again. I was unaware that my husband audio recorded the whole birth. When he shared it with me my heart leaped. What a gift it was to hear what was going on in those precious moments and to hear Cosy's first cry again. 

Cosette is a wonderful and happy baby. She even gained a whole pound in her first week. She is a GOOD eater! I've been able to breastfeed her which has been a wonderful blessing. The twins wouldn't breastfeed, so I wasn't sure how this would go, but I love it. I will definitely take it over exclusively pumping again! That was flat out awful. 

We've also discovered how hard twins really are. I'll say it again and again: I rather have two toddlers and a newborn than have two newborns! Thank goodness we didn't know any different at the time. I feel for the parents that have twins after having just one! 

Life hasn't been too eventful since Cosette was born. We blessed her at church a few weeks ago. I distinctly remember from the blessing that Cosette was told she is a miracle. She certainly is. Sometimes I look at her and can't believe that she really is mine. She's perfect and fills a void we didn't even know we had in our family. I love that each of my children are wonderful miraculous gifts from heaven. It took a little adjusting, but Boston and Lyla are great big siblings. Boston loves giving baby "Coo-sette" hugs and kisses. Lyla loves to help take care of Cosy by getting me burp cloths and bringing me a diaper after Lyla announces that Cosy is poopy. It's crazy at times having three kids under three, but I'm loving the challenge. 

Cosy is my little sidekick. It's been wonderful to have a baby that I can tote around. That was very difficult to do with the twins since I only had two hands. She smiles and sleeps well and is growing so fast. My favorite thing about her is that she laughs in her sleep! She even joyfully snorted while sleeping yesterday. I simply adore this little girl and I am so, SO grateful to have her. 

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  1. Awww, she's adorable. Cosette is a beautiful name! Congratulations!


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