Friday, October 3, 2014

Where to Register for Baby

Creating a registry can get pretty overwhelming, not to mention where to register. There are tons of options like Babies "R" Us,, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kohl's, Buy Buy Baby, 
Baby Depot, BabyList, and more. I ended up registering at Target, Babies "R" Us, and Buy Buy Baby. Looking back I wish I would have simplified it down to just two registries maximum. 

In this post I'm sharing the advertised "perks" of creating a registry with the stores I chose, as well as some of the free stuff I got for registering and the pros and cons I experienced. Baby registries are such an excellent way for others to give you the gifts you need, and they also give you some great money saving opportunities!

Buy Buy Baby

  • Free personal shop with a registry consultant (I did not use this "benefit" because it would have driven me crazy)
  • Hassle-free returns 
  • Free registry announcement cards and gift packaging 
  • Friends Referral Rewards: If you refer a friend and they create a registry you'll earn $25 off a $100 in-store purchase with each referral.
  • Direct competitors' price match 
  • Completion Program: You will get a one time use 10% off completion coupon for any or all remaining items on your registry. I received mine about 6 weeks before my due date and it expires 3 months after my due date. Perk: On the coupon it states, "We will gladly match our competitor's completion coupons for any or all items remaining on your registry." Target and Babies "R" Us offer a 15% off completion coupon, so if you mention this they will have to honor it. Also, the coupon includes most big brand names that are usually not included with their regular coupons. 
  • Goody bag: When I registered in-store I received a goody bag. This is what came inside:
Buy Buy Baby Pros:
  • Best variety. Think Bed Bath & Beyond for babies.
  • Buy Buy Baby is actually a sister company of Bed Bath & Beyond, so they will take Bed Bath & Beyond coupons and giftcards. Definitely a great use for all those Bed Bath & Beyond coupons you get in the mail and find in magazines (I frequently see them in Better Homes & Gardens magazine). You can also sign up to receive Buy Buy Baby coupons in the mail. 
  • Great customer service with a wide knowledge of products.
  • Having multiples? They offer 10% off the second identical item. 
Buy Buy Baby Cons:
  • Stores are few and far between.
  • Prices are often higher than stores like Target and Walmart.
Conclusion: I enjoy Buy Buy Baby and love the many coupons you can use there since that take Bed Bath & Beyond's coupons too. But because physical locations are so limited it makes it hard to be a good registry for friends and family. I only received two gifts from this registry mostly because no one had heard of the store. 

Babies "R" Us
  • Baby shower planning guides and registry announcement cards
  • New Parent Classes: I wish I could have used this service, however they don't offer any of these classes in Utah. Classes offered include breastfeeding, baby basics, infant CPR, and more. 
  • You’ll have up to 1 year after baby’s due date to make returns
  • Price match guarantee: Works on a direct competitor's printed ad or select online retailer's websites including,,, and 
  • Endless Earnings program: If you create a registry and sign up for the Rewards "R" Us program you can earn up to 10% back on any purchases (including your own) made from your registry in the form of an eGift card. 
  • Completion coupon: You will get a one time use 15% off completion coupon for any or all remaining items on your registry. It's valid for about 4 months. 
  • Goody bag: When I registered in-store I mentioned I was having twins and they gave me two! 

Babies "R" Us Pros:
  • Great selection of items. 
  • Multiples discount: 10% of second identical item.
  • I had great customer service when I ordered my second car seat. I ended up getting 30% off (20% off coupon and 10% off multiples discount even though the first car seat wasn't purchased there) plus free shipping. 
Babies "R" Us Cons:
  • Prices are usually higher. 
  • Coupons are rarely sent in the mail. 
  • Completion coupon was mailed late. 
Conclusion: I would recommend Babies "R" Us before Buy Buy Baby just because there are more locations and it's a commonly recognized store. However, every time I go in I can't wait to leave. 


  • Convenient for all - Gift givers can order online or shop at one of their 1800 locations nationwide.
  • Hassle free returns and exchanges.
  • Registry app: You can scan items straight to your registry with their app and access your registry.
  • Completion coupon: Target offers a 15% off registry completion coupon sent 6 weeks before your due date. The completion coupon can also be stacked with the 5% off REDCard for 20% in savings! Target will also send you four 15% off registry completion coupons to give to friends or family. All the completion coupons are good for one use in-store and one use online. In addition to that, my coupons don't expire for about 7 months.
  • Goody bag: They gave me two also!
Target Pros:
  • Great returns - I had to return some baby clothes that had the tags removed and no receipt and they still gave me store credit!
  • Target stores are everywhere and are already a common place for friends and family to shop.
  • They sent me a $20 giftcard just for registering with them!
  • Target has some of the best prices, plus they will price match with online retailers such as Amazon, Babies "R" Us, and Walmart. 
Target Cons:
  • Very limited in-store selection of baby gear.
Conclusion: Target is probably the place I would recommend the highest. It's affordable and convenient, and I think they have the best registry completion deal.  Plus where else can you get all your baby AND household needs in one place? 

What are your experiences with baby registries? Leave a comment below!


  1. These are some great suggestions for baby registration! I have been trying to find a good baby store to go to, since my sister is about to have her baby. I would really like to get her some nice new clothes, along with some great toys. I need to shop online though, because I am really busy these next couple weeks so I don't think I'll make it to the store!

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