Monday, October 21, 2013

My First Video Blog

Vlog, aka video blog.
Totally out of my comfort zone, but that is why I'm doing it. I get really quirky in these... 
But hey, if you don't like reading about us (ehh, mostly me) now you can watch! 



  1. So glad your thyroid issue has been discovered and addressed! It sounds like the Synthroid is going to be a really good thing for you.

    As far as the HSG is concerned, I was really nervous before mine, but it was not bad at all! It was uncomfortable, but not nearly as painful as I was afraid it would be. I did have some cramping for a day or two afterward, but nothing major!

    I loved the video. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks so much! I made this video like a month ago so I'm behind on things. Synthroid has been working well which is great. And my HSG wasn't bad at all! A total breeze - much thanks to the Diazepam I was perscribed! Everything there was nice and clear.


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