Friday, October 25, 2013

HSG Before and After

I've been afraid of getting an HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) ever since my doctor told me about it.

 It's intimidating enough that it's impossible to say the actual name. 

I read forums about getting an HSG and many women said is was very painful. To those that don't know what an HSG is, it is an x-ray procedure that shows whether or not your fallopian tubes are open. I explain it all as well as my experience in my vlog below!

Just wait for my drugged up outtakes!

Timeline Update

A lot has happened since first meeting our doctor. I've been trying to play catch up since we started treatment over a month ago, but this blog is only a week old! Here's a timeline update: 

September 19th: First appointment with our fertility doctor. 

September 20th: My blood work came back and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I started taking Prometrium to induce a period.

September 25th: Had further blood tests, thyroid exam (found nothing wrong) and was prescribed 50mcg of Synthroid a day. I will probably be taking it for the rest of my life. 

September 26th: Met with my gynecologist and got her up to date. Free Prenatal vitamins, yay!

October 3rd: After taking the Prometrium for 10 days my period started just three days later. 

October 5th: Went to the doctor for blood work and a follicular ultrasound. Everything looked great! Except my bladder was so full in preparation for the blood work that he couldn't see anything until I emptied it. I came back and my bladder was in the shape of a heart so he gave me an ultrasound picture for kicks and giggles. I got blood work done for an OAR, Anti-Mullerian Hormone, and TSH for my thyroid. My thyroid went down quite a bit which is great! Also my Ovarian Assessment Report came back and it was like I got straight A's! We're in the clear there. I also started taking 5mg of Femara today.

October 9th: Finished taking Femara. I didn't experience any side effects thankfully.

October 11th: The dreaded HSG! My next post will have all the details.

That's a wrap! Just keeping it positive :)  


Monday, October 21, 2013

My First Video Blog

Vlog, aka video blog.
Totally out of my comfort zone, but that is why I'm doing it. I get really quirky in these... 
But hey, if you don't like reading about us (ehh, mostly me) now you can watch! 


Friday, October 18, 2013

Fertility Specialist

September 19th, 2013

Today was a wonderful day! We got up at the crack of dawn to get to our 7am appointment to meet our fertility specialist. Our doctor went over an extensive medical history for both of us and our families. He didn't have much concern for Chris, so he recommended some things for me. First off, he wants me to increase my BMI since I'm considered underweight and that is not healthy for pregnancy. He also prescribed me some fancy $85 prenatals (thank goodness for insurance!). Then he told us we could approach this three different ways, which are in short:

1. Gain weight, see if my period comes back, try naturally.
2. Do some blood tests and pop some pills, try naturally.
3. The whole show, tests, pills, HSG, IUI, IVF, etc. 

We chose in between 2 and 3. 

Our plan is as follows:
1. Induce period with Progesterone pills
2. Schedule for OAR and follicle ultrasound on day 3 of cycle
3. Take Femara days 3-7 of cycle
4. Get an HSG during days 5-10 of cycle
5. Take ovulation tests until we get a positive and come in for an IUI (intrauterine insemination)

If I don't ovulate I will do a progesterone blood draw and try all over again the next month. Try, try, try. Sometimes that word is very vexing.

I was prescribed a ton of stuff, which was a little overwhelming at first. However, it all seems simple now. After meeting with our fertility doctor, I got my blood drawn for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), CBC (complete blood count), and Prolactin. Fun little side story I will share about my blood getting drawn in my upcoming vlog!

All in all, we are so happy and thankful we could meet with this doctor. We have a plan in place and have already learned so much. We are slowly taking baby steps. Literally.Baby.Steps. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our Infertility Journey

I always knew deep down that I would have a hard time getting pregnant.

 I was hoping it wouldn't be a reality, but it is. My body has always been a little wacky when it comes to "lady" things. I didn't start my period until I was nearly 17. I was fairly regular for the first few months and then it went downhill from there. After I started college, I experienced the freshman weight loss, not weight gain. For already being very slender, that certainly didn't help. I was only getting two periods year. After I got married I knew I needed to get this under control. I was eating healthier, taking vitamins, exercising, trying to gain body fat, but my efforts had no luck and my period was distant as ever. 

I've neven really been on birth control. My husband and I weren't trying, but we weren't preventing either. I was ready, but my husband wasn't totally warmed up to the idea of a little one yet. But soon enough we were doing everything we could. After much discouragement and feeling broken, we made an appointment with a fertility doctor. Meeting with our doctor was like a breath of fresh air and a force of hope! I'm starting this blog as a way to document and share our story. Someday we will have an Itty Bitty Ivie come into the world. Welcome to our journey! 

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