Wednesday, April 16, 2014

9 Weeks - Ninja Babies!

Just got back from my first appointment with my OB (officially done with the fertility clinic once insurance and payments are resolved - that's a whole other story) and it was wonderful! The highlight of my day WEEK was seeing my two little babies wiggling around like little dancing gummy bears! Both babies are measuring where they need to be, their hearts are fluttering away, and they're flailing their arms and legs like tiny ninjas. Seeing that was the most amazing thing. I am so relieved to know that both our babies are still developing just as they should. My heart is overflowing!!! 

I have an appointment set up with a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist since I'm at a higher risk of complications carrying twins. I'm actually thankful I'll be monitored closer because I'll get to see my babies that much more. I also like to be very in-the-know of what's going on, so seeing two doctors will give me lots of information. 

Ah! I'm so excited!

Sorry, I like can't think straight or stay still because I'm filled with so much JOY! I love my babies!

Here's an update: 

How far along? 9 Weeks 1 day
Babies are the size of: Grapes
Total weight gain: Down 4lbs since pregnancy. I think I'm just losing muscle weight since I haven't been working out.
Maternity clothes? No ma'am.
Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep: It's getting better, but some nights are still rough. 
Exercise: Lovely spring walks, but I still haven't gone to the gym.
Miss Anything: TMI: I miss my small boobs! I really need a new bra.
Movement: They're too small to feel anything, but they are moving!
Food cravings: I still want sour patch. I tend to ignore my cravings instead of satisfy them.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing right now!
Labor Signs: None.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy :)
Looking forward to: Our wedding anniversary! 

We were going to tell our families about being pregnant at Easter butttt we keep pushing it later and later. Now we're thinking the first weekend in May because Chris's parents will be in town. Can't wait's hard keeping everything hush hush!

And here's a cute photo of our spring picnic last week. Aren't the mountains gorgeous?

No my husband isn't wearing's a compression sock from his surgery ;)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

8 Weeks

I can't believe I'm already 8 weeks and two days! We've been overjoyed that things have gone so smoothly this far. No blood, no bad cramps, nothing unusual. These babies are here to stay! Of course I won't feel completely comfortable saying that until the first trimester is over. We pray everyday that our babies are continuing to grow strong and healthy.

So I've been lazy and haven't hung my chalkboard time, I promise! But I did take a picture this time. I still don't have a bump, but I can't wait until I do!

How far along? 8 Weeks 
Babies are the size of: Raspberries
Total weight gain: Still down 2lbs since pregnancy
Maternity clothes? No
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Sleep has been awful. I toss and turn all night, have to get up early in the morning to relieve a very full bladder, and I'm constantly exhausted. 
Exercise: I'm way too tired!
Miss Anything: Energy!
Movement: No, but at this stage they should be moving their little arms, legs, fingers, and toes like crazy!
Food cravings: Nothing really sounds good lately. Although I really wanted Sour Patch last night.  
Anything making you queasy or sick: My mom's lasagna. It killed me.
Labor Signs: None
Happy or Moody most of the time: I've been getting a little moody lately. I have to watch myself.
Looking forward to: My first appointment with my new OB next week. I can't wait for an update on my little babies!

On Monday we celebrated Chris's birthday, and I've planned a romantic picnic downtown at the Capitol tomorrow night. I'm trying to enjoy every moment I have alone with my husband since a baby changes everything. Especially two! I love this picture of twins fetal development at 8 weeks. The human body is so incredible.

So life is good! I've been wanting to change the name of my blog since Itty Bitty Ivie doesn't really fit for twins. Any suggestions? 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

7 Weeks - We graduated from our fertility clinic!

As of yesterday, I'm officially 7 weeks pregnant! We still haven't told our families and are debating when we will. We just want to be sure since there have been miscarriages in my family. They have no clue what we've been going through. They don't even know we've been trying forever. My mom will have a heart attack. Poor lady. Then she'll freak out and want to live with us to help take care of the twins.

A week or two ago I thought I was already starting to see a bump, but turns out I was bloated from my ovaries still being gigantic from retrieval. This past week has actually been great nausea wise. We ordered pizza twice which is so unlike me. In case you're wondering, Domino's will always hands down win my heart. Their crust is dreamy.

So the reason why I'm so happy right now is because we had our last appointment this morning at our fertility clinic! I'm so happy we don't have to go there anymore, but I will miss all the wonderful people there that helped us through this trial. Andddddd we saw and HEARD both heartbeats today! When my doctor inserted the ultrasound I only saw one sac and my heart started to sink, but he adjusted it a little and there they were! Both with precious fluttering hearts. Next thing we know we are hearing them! I wasn't expecting that. Baby A and Baby B (what they will be going by for the rest of my pregnancy) are the right size and their heartbeats are working as fast as they should be. I totally had a proud momma moment. Yes, I was proud of their heartbeats. What else can you be proud of when they're so tiny? Our ears were ringing with congratulations as we left. I was also able to donate some very expensive unused injectables and tons of needles I had leftover. I'm thankful they can be used to help another couple in need. 

We Graduated!!!

 My next appointment will be just after my 9 week mark with my obstetrician. I finally get a girl doctor! Although I don't even care who sees what anymore.
And I finally got a chalkboard! Or rather, I made one from a cork board. I absolutly love it. You'll see my bump updates with it soon! Speaking of updates here's the latest:

How far along? 7 Weeks 
Babies are the size of: Blueberries!
Total weight gain: Up 10lbs since treatments began (doctor's orders) then I lost 2lbs since pregnancy. 
Maternity clothes? No. 
Stretch marks? No. 
Sleep: I've been having some sweet dreams. Sleep is getting better too. 
Exercise: Eh, the occasional walk...I need to be better.
Miss Anything: I miss eating avocados...I still don't like them.
Movement: Nope! 
Food cravings: Pink Starbursts and shepherd's pie.  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Avocados, almond butter...the list is getting shorter.
Labor Signs: No. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy happy happy.
Looking forward to: Telling our families once we decide the time is right. I have to speak so carefully when I'm around them.

It is such a blessing to see God's hands in all this. Infertility has certainly tested my faith and endurance, but the blessings I've seen so far have all been worth the wait. I still can't believe I'm going to be a mom!

Check out our babies!

Their heartbeats!

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